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Guild Description
joO Binder is a guild committed to enjoying the organised PvP experience. We are friends who support each other's development. We are human beings who make mistakes and learn from them. We conduct ourselves with dignity and we do our best to win without sacrificing the things that matter most.

Our aim is to grow strong by developing players from within, constructively discussing strategy and tactics, and critically analysing both successes and failures. That being said, having fun is our top priority, and above all else we want to maintain an atmosphere that allows us to enjoy the game.

Our tenets are that attitude is more important than ability and that teamwork trumps individual skill. As such, we are looking for players who have good attitudes, are open-minded, and are willing to learn and improve.
v3ck / Dec 29, 2014
Stormbinders assemble!

Several of the joOs have been participating in the Heroes of the Storm alpha and we like what we see. The beta will begin on January 13 and we would like to get more joOs involved and eventually get a serious team (of 5) going. If you would like to sign up for the beta, click here (this may not guarantee that you get in).

Our current alpha roster consists of
v3ck -- joO Binder co-leader and former GW2 team member
Keys -- former GW2 team member

Join us in the Stormbinders mumble channel.