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joO Binder Gaming - Relaunch.

Jsu / Jul 08, 2013
Hello All, after waiting a few months for the pvp scene to become active again we have decided to re-launch joO Binder Gaming.

Try Outs
Try outs are now closed. Thank you for all who participated.

Our Team Composition
Our team is very versatile. We took that into consideration when recruiting along with attitude and lastly players current understanding of the game. We are running double ele, engi, ranger, guardian comp.

The players

Jsu (Elementalist) - Jsu is the PvP Team Leader. Jsu has been around the pvp community since the launch of GW2.

v3ck (Engineer) - v3ck is joO Binder's Guild Leader. v3ck has also been around the pvp scene since beta/start of Guild Wars 2.

Keys (Guardian) - Keys has been our core guardian since beta. Keys used to play very high level guild wars 1 pvp as a monk. Keys currently offers a lot to the team and is improving daily.

Breakstar (Ranger/Mesmer) - Breakstar is our allstar backpoint player. We recently added breakstar a few weeks ago and he's really shined with his positioning, mid-point support, and 1v1's on the backpoint.

Salphir (Elementalist) - Salphir was our last and final pick up for joO Binder gaming. Salphir has impressed us with his solid positioning in mid fights and clutch game plays. Salphir is also diversified in other classes.

Schedule / Scrimmage
joO Binder gaming is current playing these days pacific standard time.

  • Monday - 7:30-11:30pm
  • Thursday - 7:30-11:30pm
  • Sunday - 7:30-11:30pm

We are very open to scrimmaging teams in our private server. Please contact v3ck or Jsu in game to do so.

We are testing out streaming with our gameplay. If you would like to watch please follow Jsu's twitch account. and Key's twitch account:

On behalf of joO Binder; we look forward to matching up with some great teams and having a blast while doing so. See you in the mists. - Jsu


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