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The Sanctum of Rall - Launch World

Jsu / Jul 31, 2012
Today we've decided that we are going to follow our WvWvW alliance guild Fragnarok into The Sanctum of Rall world for launch.

This in particular this should be a lower population server with a higher skill level of players. For sPVP as our main focus post launch this won't effect us much due to tournaments and hot joinables not being world dependant.

Here are some more links to check out:

  1. Our Profile
  2. Sanctum of Rall Facebook:
  3. Sanctum of Rall Trailer:

Let me know of any concerns; you may now start spreading the word to friends.


Read about this world reddit, sounds good.
The server is starting to get a good mix of people and it seems the majority are adults who respect the ideal of why it was created. It's going to be great.
On the tuatha alliance will be sending an invite to you.
login and click my alliance and the invite is at the top.
Ah nice, just did this.

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