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Introducing joO Binder Gaming - Elite Group.

Jsu / Oct 16, 2012

v3ck and myself (Jsu) would like to happily introduce our new elite group "joO Binder Gaming". Over the period of the past few weeks the guild has grown substantially and during this period of time we have been fortunate enough to pick up some top tier players. These players stand in a league of their own and deserved to be recognized so in doing that we've created a new elite branch of the guild called joO Binder Gaming.

We are starting to prepare for the future of guild wars 2 e-sports and top their competitions.

joO Binder Gaming - Leadership.

Through the last month myself, v3ck and many of you have played countless hours in tournaments with this really good condition-mancer. He's taken charge in terms of improving our tournament play and recruiting top tier players for the guild. His name is Zombify.

Zombify will be the pvp leader for joO Binder Gaming. He will be hand selecting our 5 person roster based off proven skills through tournament matches and duels in game. Everyone will be given an equal chance to try out for joO Binder Gaming, but only the top 5 players chosen by Zombify will make it.

joO Binder Gaming - Recruitment.

Their currently are 4 spots are OPEN for recruitment. Please contact Zombify in game for try outs. We will be posting more details on team composition later.

joO Binder Gaming - Management.

v3ck and myself (Jsu) will continue to support and manage this group as it evolves. If you have any questions on purchasing private servers, VoIP, Website etc... please contact us and yes we do plan on getting a private server for joO Binder.


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